John Baymore at River Bend Pottery

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青 森 放 送 株 式 会 社

Aomori Broadcasting Corporation




Representing the international ceramics community involved with Kanayama, John Baymore and Fred Olsen were both interviewed in (English language) speaking roles in this hour long 2004 documentary about the work of MATSUMIYA Ryoji and his Kanayama Ceramics Cooperative located in Goshogawara, Japan.  MATSUMIYA-san is hard at work reviving the pottery making tradition of the region and in keeping the love of wood fired yakishime clay work alive in modern Japan.

MATSUMIYA Ryoji’s large youhen platters


John looking at work freshly unloaded from the unique Hai Kaburi kiln at Kanayama.

John throwing in the workshop during the 2004 Kanayama International Wood Fire residency program.

John doing  slide lecture for the other artists at the residency program.


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