John Baymore at River Bend Pottery

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June 2011 79th Regional Juried Exhibition   Fitchburg Art Museum

               Fitchburg, MA


May 2011 Solo Exhibition     Gallery Wando

                Goshogawara-shi, Japan


May 2011  International Artists Invitational   Kanayama Spring Pottery Festival

               Tsunami relief Cup Show    Goshogawara-shi, Japan


Apr.  2011 "The Shoulders We Stand On"   American Ceramic Society Potter's Council Show

                  N.C.E.C.A. exhibition    Nancy Marcoe Fine Crafts Gallery Tampa, FL


Dec. 2010    "Holiday Cup Show" Invitational   Worcester Center for Crafts

                  Worcester, MA


Nov. 2010 Solo Invitational Exhibition   Saint Mark's School

               Southborough, MA


Sep. 2010  "The Joy of Bowls"  Invitational   Worcester Center for Crafts

                 Worcester, MA


Sep. 2010  "The Art of Dining" Invitational   Worcester Center for Crafts

                 Worcester, MA


Aug. 2010 Annual Faculty Exhibition    New Hampshire Institute of Art

               Manchester, NH


Aug. 2010 Solo Invitational Exhibition   Chi-Lin Asian Arts

               “Tea and Flowers”    Meredith, NH


July 2010 International Artist’s Exhibition   Gallery Wando

             Goshogawara-shi, Japan


June 2010  Teabowl National 2010    Kansas City Clay Guild

                Kansas City, KS


June 2010 Seacoast Master Artists Invitational   Soo Rye Gallery

                 Rye, New Hampshire


Jan. 2010  “60/40/30” Solo Invitational Exhibition  Thayer Gallery

               Thayer Academy     Braintree, MA


2009  International Artist’s Fall Exhibition  Gallery Wando

         Goshogawara-shi, Japan


2009  Faculty Highlights    New Hampshire Institute of Art

         Manchester, NH


2009  “Three in Clay” Invitational   Chi-Lin Asian Arts

         Meredith, NH


2009  Artist-In-Residence Exhibition   Kanayama Togei Kumiai

         Goshogawara-shi, Japan


2009  International Artists “Works form Home”  Gallery Wando

        Goshogawara-shi, Japan


2009  International Artists Spring Group Exhibition Gallery Wando

        Goshogawara-shi, Japan


2009  N.H. Potter’s Guild Biennial   Kimball Jenkins School of Art

        Concord, NH


2008  Faculty Highlights    New Hampshire Institute of Art

        Manchester, NH