John Baymore at River Bend Pottery

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2003  International Potters Exhibition   E.L.M. Ito Yakkado Department Store

       Goshogawara-shi, Japan


2003  68th Regional Juried Exhibition   Fitchburg Art Museum

       Fitchburg, MA


2002  67th Regional Juried Exhibition   Fitchburg Art Museum

       Fitchburg, MA


2002  “Three American Woodfire Potters” Invitational Tokai Gallery (Newbury St. location)

 Gallery’s first exhibition of non-Japanese potters Boston, MA

                (John Baymore, Jon Keenan, Mark Lancet)


2002  Aomori International Woodfire Exhibition  “Big Wing SportsDome” Stadium

       Aomori-ken, Japan


2002  Woodfire Potters Invitational   Common Wheel Gallery

       Manitou Springs, CO


2001  66th Regional Juried Exhibition   Fitchburg Art Museum

       Fitchburg, MA


2000  Masterworks Invitational    River Tree Arts

       Kennebunk, ME


2000  “Made in 2000” Juried Exhibition   Ralph Lauren Gallery

       Easthampton, MA


1998  Living With Crafts    LNHC Sunapee Fair

       Lake Sunapee, NH


1998  Featured Demonstration Artist Booth  LNHC Sunapee Fair

       Lake Sunapee, NH


1997  1st ClayArter's Exhibition    Pottery by Celia Gallery

       Naples, ME


1997  N.H. Woodfire Potters Invitational   New Hampshire Institute of Art

       Manchester, NH


1996  Mashiko International Ceramics Competition Mashiko Togei Messe

 “Judge’s Special Prize” award   Mashiko, Japan



The 100,000 Yen award winning piece from the Mashiko Ceramics Competition, a small shino glazed faceted bowl , was acquired by the Mashiko Togei Messe (Pottery Museum) in 1996.  A commission in the summer of 2001 by NanoVia, a US high-tech firm, resulted in his work being presented to the president of Hitachi, Japan as well as to the president of the American division of Hitachi.  Seven pieces of John's  work have been placed in the permanent collection of the Goshogawara City Art Museum in Japan.  His work can also be found in the private collections of numerous Japanese potters including Shimaoka Tatsuzo, Matsuzaki Ken, Ogawa Hirohisa, Shimada Fumio, Matsumiya Ryouji, and Shigetoshi Tsuji.  


Japanese ceramist Matsumiya Ryoji included a short chapter about John’s influences on the programs at Kanayama in Goshogawara, Japan in his 2006 book “Clay, Fire, and a Stubborn Guy”.   In August of 2001, John was selected to be featured in Japanese journalist Yokota Masuo's (Japanese language) book on Americans who are greatly influenced by Japanese culture  (ISBN4-7958-4042-3  1400Y).