John Baymore at River Bend Pottery

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I.S.C.A.E.E. JAPAN  2011

Shimada Fumio-sensei invited John to bring a group from the New Hampshire Institute of Art to the 2011 meeting of the International Symposium for Ceramic Art Education and Exchange being hosted by the Tokyo University of the Arts in the fall of 2011.  With the support of Maureen Mills, ceramics department chairperson, and the college’s President Roger Williams, John was able to arrange this international travel program  integrated with two BFA courses he was to teach.


Ten BFA students were enrolled in the program, and all of the four BFA faculty members traveled to the symposium to exhibit, demonstrate, present lectures, and learn.


In mid-September they all headed off for Japan.

NHIA faculty members (l to r) John Baymore,  Karen Orsillo, and Chris Archer enjoy lunch at an izakaya specializing in yakitori located in the Ueno section of Tokyo.   You could even order the particular breed of chicken that you wanted!

At ISCAEE, John presented a slide lecture on the design and construction of the wood fueled salt kiln (shiogama)  he performed at the Kanayama Ceramics Cooperative in Goshogawara-shi, Japan in 2009.  Salt kilns are not a common type of firing in Japan.