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Travel Directions To Mashiko 3


You can go out the West Exit doors on this level and out onto the raised platform area you saw out the windows from the train platform one floor above where you are now. Then take the first flight of stairs down on your right.

Or you can go down one more flight of stairs inside the station building itself and take the West Exit at the ground floor level. Both routes will eventually get you to the same place, which are the bus stations.

On the post with the number 14 is the bus pickup schedule. Unfortunately it is all in Japanese language.  It is important to note here that all of the busses that arrive here at this particular stop do not go to Mashiko!  You will need to visually identify the bus you want to board by Japanese characters.

Underneath the first set of stairs on the right from the raised platform leading down to ground level is a bus stop labeled with the roman number 14 on a post and the word “Mashiko” in English on the roof eaves.

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On the sign at the top of the bus’s windshield and on the side, you will see the characters:               益子 Memorize those two Kanji characters for Mashiko.

As you get onto the bus at the front, you’ll take a small ticket from the machine just inside the door.  It will have a number on it.  This will determine the fare that you pay (in cash) as you exit.

While the bus’s fare machine can make change, it is best if you have the correct fare with you in coins.  I have found that the bus drivers on this route do not tend to speak any English (I speak some Japanese) so asking questions about making change on the bus will be difficult.