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At the front of the bus, above the door you used to enter, is the electronic fare chart.  At any time it shows the fare you will pay when you exit at that stop. It is constantly changing every couple of local stops.  

You are going to be on this bus for approximately one hour.  There are a few possible “Mashiko” stops you could chose to use. There will be an announcement in English at the first of these stops.  Listen for it.  It will be the only announcement in English.  This first (announced) stop will be somewhat near the Mashiko Togei Messe (Mashiko Pottery Museum) which is located somewhat in the center of the town. But...........

Right after the corner, gather your belongings and get the change for the fare ready along with the paper ticket. In about 1 minute you’ll be getting off.   Look out the left side windows of the bus, and you should see the front of the pottery pictured above.  Just after this, in about 50 feet you’ll be getting off of the bus.  Be prepared; it doesn’t stop long.  You will drop the fare and the paper ticket into the top of the fare machine as you exit.  The fare at this point is 1150 円.  Welcome to Mashiko!

I am going to recommend that you wait a few stops after this announcement until you see the Lawsons “conbini” (convenience store) pictured above out of the right hand side bus windows.  Shortly after you pass the Lawsons, the bus will take a right turn at a set of traffic lights.  If you were to take a left at this set of lights, you’d find the Hamada Reference Collection Museum, Hamada Shinsaku and Hamada Tomoo’s home and studio, and Shimaoka Tatsuzo’s former home and studio.  

Continued 3......

Once the bus has turned the corner, find one of these buttons pictured to the left and press it.  It will light up and make a tone. That will signal the driver that you want to get off at the next stop.

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