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The image to the left shows exactly where you’ll get off the bus (they drive on the opposite side of the road from the way in the US).  If you were to continue walking in the direction that the bus was going, and into the distance in this    

photo, you would be walking toward a lot of possible places to visit.  Ahead on the left (pictured below left) is the Mashiko Togei Kumiai (Potters Cooperative) where you can purchase tools and supplies.  Ahead on the right is the “Potters Square” with the giant tanuki figure and lots of galleries (pictured below right).  If you continue on down this street you are on the main “Jonsaizaka” road through the gallery district of town.

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Travel Directions To Mashiko 5


If you don’t speak or read Japanese, finding you way around Mashiko is not all that difficult anymore. Recently I have found that a lot more signs are now posted in English (see above).  This above sign is a short walk from the place that the bus will drop you off. The Mooka Railroad station is at the opposite end of the main part of town, and as you can see from the sign, that is only 2.2 Kilometers away.

Above on the left is a small lunch shop with an English menu just past the Potters Square. Above on the right is the view walking along Jonsaizaka heading from where the bus dropped you off toward a large string of various galleries, the Prefectural Treasure Higeta Indigo Dye Workshop, and the Jinja (Shinto Shrine).