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In Japan


It is important to note here that the last bus from Mashiko to Utsunomiya is pretty early in the evening around 7 PM!  If you miss it, you’ll have to use the Mooka Railroad to head back to Tokyo, or you’ll be staying in Mashiko town over night. Unfortunately, the bus schedule located on this signpost (and all bus stops in town) is only in Japanese language.

To return to Tokyo, you will simply be reversing your steps.  You will catch the bus from Mashiko to Utsunomiya Eki, and then the shinkansen from Utsunomiya Eki to Tokyo Eki.  The fares in the reverse direction are exactly the same amounts.

Directly across from the place that the bus originally dropped you off (pictured above left) is a small gallery showing contemporary work which has a bus stop sign in front of it (pictured above right).  The view of the bus stop from in front of this gallery is shown below left. This is the side of the road on which you’ll catch the bus heading back to Utsunomiya.  Utsunomiya Eki is the last stop on the bus’s route, and there will be an announcement in English.

Returning To Tokyo