John Baymore at River Bend Pottery

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River Bend Pottery is located just off of Intervale Road in the town of Wilton, New Hampshire.  Westbound, go 1/10 mile past the Wilton Recycling Center on your right, crossing the Souhegan River on a very small bridge, and turn left on to Intervale Road.  Go ½ mile and look for the studio sign on your left.  Turn sharp left 100 feet past the studio sign.


Wilton is about 1/2 hour west of Nashua, and about 15 minutes east of Peterborough.


The town of Wilton is between Milford and Temple. River Bend Pottery is located to the west of the downtown Wilton business district, and to the east of the "suburb" of West Wilton.


River Bend Pottery is located only about 300 yards off of Route 101 behind Evine Flooring. You can actually go out their back parking lot entrance and turn left to get here.

If you do that, in about 100 feet, Intervale forks to the left and tiny little Riverbend Way goes straight past the green "island" with the pine tree and the red fire hydrant.


If you are traveling west on Route 101 and you see Monadnock Spring Water on your left, you have gone a little too far.


If you are traveling east on Route 101 and you see the Wilton Recycling Center sign on your left, you have gone a little too far.


Intervale Road is a loop off of Route 101 that parallels it for about 1/2 mile. Riverbend Way is a small dead-end street off of Intervale Road, at the western end of Intervale Road.

You can use either entrance to Intervale Road off of Route 101, but the one on the eastern end right near the Recycling Center sign leads you past my studio road sign on Intervale Road before you have to make the sharp left turn onto Riverbend Way.


Warning: There is a local mill building in downtown Wilton that has been converted to artists' studios. It is called "Riverview Mill". If you are asking local directions, that very similar name often leads to some confusion if the person you ask doesn't specifically know where I am located. Riverview Mill is located right in downtown Wilton, about 1 mile away from me.


Warning:  There are three "Intervale Road"'s in Wilton.  East Intervale, West Intervale, and the one River Bend Pottery is located  off of........ Intervale Road.  All three are in close proximity to each other.