John Baymore at River Bend Pottery

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In the dead of winter, John is an avid skier of some 50 years, and has taught skiing professionally for 40+ years. He is currently a Level III internationally certified member of the Professional Ski Instructors of America.  He was also a member of the Educational Staff of the Eastern Division of PSIA for 15 years.

An offshoot of John’s interest in Japanese art and culture, John also studies the art of the Japanese sword, called Iaido.  In this martial art, practitioners hone their mental and physical skills in drawing and wielding the Japanese katana.  One prime goal of Iaido is to be able to win a conflict without having to draw the sword at all.  John is a member of the Doshikai Iaido Dojo.



John is interested in flight simulation at a very serious level.  Over the past 9 years, he has constructed a full-scale replica of a commercial air transport class aircraft cockpit.  Utilizing Microsoft Flight Simulator for the core simulation, all of the controls and instruments are functional and act as they do in the real aircraft.


A powder day at Bromley.

John’s “airplane” awaiting takeoff at KBOS at night in the fog.  (IFR)

John just after having oiled the blade of his katana.